1. predict sales through forecasts made by sales agents
  2. define individual forecasting periods (months, quarters, fiscal years)
  3. obtain snapshots of expected revenues in the course of time
  4. compare forecasts with actual or historic sales data
  5. provide your sales staff with a quick overview of their sales pipeline, actual sales, quotas and accomplishment quota (the degree to which targets are achieved)
  6. enable planning on a deeper level basis (break-down e.g. on branches, markets, products)
  7. enjoy the simple and easy to use interface with editable spreadsheets

Key figures providing you an overall view

Sales pipeline: your possible future revenues will be displayed in a sales pipeline for the selected periods automatically; common data sources are records maintained in the opportunities and/or quotes module but any other source (e.g. .csv or .xml-files, external databases) is supported, too Forecasts: your users have to commit expected revenue figures for a predefined period of time, e.g. quarterly for the next 12 months Quotas: define an objective goal of revenue for each sales agent to achieve within a specific period of time e.g. quarterly for the next 12 months, monthly for the next 2 quartes; these figures are assigned by a sales manager Actual revenue: those figures may be taken from your ERP system or calculated from any existing CRM module Note: Any limiting coding standards required by the Sugar application like modules, relationships or database tables are not required when calculating a spreadsheet

Forecasting on multiple segmentation levels

Predicting sales for users and periods in a simple sales matrix is easy to manage, edit and view.Furthermore you are able to breakdown forecasts on any segmentation as you are used to.

Limited segmentation

Example with a two-level geographical segmentation (countries and regions) in combination with a single market level. Both axes could be divided up into more sub levels:

Unlimited segmentation

Example of a list of customers which may be generated dynamically in order to capture forecasts for key accounts by quarters and product categories. The number of rows is unlimited:


Navigation / Access

Image #1: you have access to the forecasts spreadsheets using the “KINAMU CustomViews” file dialog; you will be able to place and save the forecast windows on your screen

Monthly rolling forecast

Image #2: simple input matrix for Sarah Smith to provide her forecast from March 2018 to February 2019 (saved in snapshot “FC 2018 / 03”)

Definition of quotas

Image #3: input mask for an administrator to determine a monthly quota for Sarah Smith

Manage forecasts

Image #4: manage visibility, status and time range of forecasts your sales agents may access

Integration into Sugar and SuiteCRM

An installation of the module “KINAMU CustomViews” is required in order to use the “Rolling Forecasts” as an Add-In. You may save forecasts with diffenent settings and customize your views, e.g. include forecasts, opportunities and quotes of all of your team members and access detailed data either as table or chart view within one screen. Image #5: combine views on different sources of data using “KINAMU CustomViews”

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