Management Summary

Typeform is a fast-growing Survey application, which uses a SaaS Business Model. [1] The “typeforms” present questions which slide down one after another showing only one question at a time to keep users engaged and can include images, and GIFs or videos. The tool includes “Calculator,” custom “Thank You” screens, “Question Groups” which allow questions to be added to sections or include sub-questions and “Logic Jump” which customizes the questions a user sees based on their selections. The form can be embedded into a website, open in a pop-up, or be accessed through a unique URL.

Screenshot 1 – Typeform Embedded in Drawer

The Kinamu Typeform Connector can be deployed on-site or in the SugarCloud on any Sugar Version > 7.5. Submissions are imported into Sugar and matched to related records through hidden fields or an E-Mail address question. You can use the built in Sugar Reporter or any other reporting tool to evaluate your Surveys and using Sugar Campaings or the E-Mail Client you can send personalized Surveys to your Customers or Leads.

Screenshot 2 – Survey Record with Dashboard

Add value, key benefits

  • storing answers, surveys and submissions directly in sugar

Screenshot 3 – Submission List View

Screenshot 4 – Related info on Submission

  • submissions of online surveys are added to related sugar records
  • reporting capabilities (+Dashboards) with standard sugar reporter
  • online surveys logged directly into SugarCRM
    Screenshot 5 - Step 1 Send to Contact
    Screenshot 6 - Step 2 Insert Typeform LinkUse cases

    Add value, key benefits

    • Lead qualification structured, professional, comparable, reportable results

    Screenshot 7 – Question results as Pie-Chart

    • Submitting tickets through your website
    • Understanding your users: Persona survey
    • Asking customers why they left: Churn survey
    • Boosting brand awareness with quizzes
    • Hiring with job application (type)forms
    • Populating your company directory
    • Keeping company meetings on track
    • Getting feedback
    • And may more possible applications

    General Featues

    • Complete TypeForm connector
    • Uses Typeform APIs
    • Scoring
    • Logic Jumps
    • Optimized for Mobile Devices
    • View/ Use Survey directly embedded into Sugar
    • One Click Webhook deployment
    • One Click Survey import
    • Use Sugar Reporter to analyze your surveys
    • Send personalized links to Surveys to your Sugar records
    • Compatible with Sugar Workflows or SugarBPM

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