Sugar 8 | Spring ’18 – Release Highlights

A short Video featuring Clint Oram the Co-Founder & CMO of SugarCRM – talking about the new Sugar 8 – Spring ’18 Release Highlights.

The Video includes the following information:

  • Modern UI
    for Sugar and Mobile
    Beautiful, elegant User Interface
    New Color Scheme
    Designed for better legibility and ease of use
    Consistent with Sugar Mobile
  • Drill Through Charts
    Explore Data Directly from Chart Dashlets
    Pull List View from of Chart Segments
    List View In-Line Editing
  • Data Privacy Management
    Data Privacy module
    Right to Access
    Right to Erasure
    Audit Log
    Personal Information Indicators in Studio (Sugar Development Tool in the Admin-Backend)
    Email Opt-Out Global Settings
    Data Privacy Manager User Role
  • Product Catalog Dashlet
    Availability through out Sugar Application
    Pre-Popoulated Revenue Line Items from Opportunity and Account Records
  • Advanced Workflow
    New Runtime Execution
    Actions on „Add Related Fields“ and „Change Fields“