ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM

Integrating ChatGPT into SugarCRM can provide a significant boost to your business processes and improve your user experience. You can quickly and easily access information, get answers to your questions, and automate routine tasks. This can help increase productivity, reduce response times, and free up your time to focus on more important tasks.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model that is designed to understand and generate human-like text responses to a wide variety of prompts or questions.

Its ability to understand context, recognize patterns, and generate text that sounds like it was written by a human makes it a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike.

While all of the AI’s features are impressive and useful on its own, the question is how useful can ChatGPT actually be within a CRM system?

The ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM by KINAMU allows you to utilize all of ChatGPT’s features right within Sugar, available in all Sugar Modules.

It is possible to use the Module context to generate context-related responses within the following Sugar Modules:

  • Accounts Module
  • Contacts Module
  • Leads Module
  • Opportunities Module
  • Meeting Module
  • Call Module
  • Task Module
  • Notes Module
  • E-Mail Module

In addition, we have created a ChatGPT Integration for Sugar Clipboard on which you can enter prompts and get answers quickly and efficiently. You can also take notes within the same interface, making it easy to keep track of important information or ideas that arise during the conversation.

By incorporating ChatGPT’s chat and completion capabilities into the SugarCRM System, you can receive suggestions, recommendations, or even automated completion of repetitive or timeconsuming tasks – saving you valuable time and effort.

Also, due to ChatGPT’s extensive knowledge base, you are able to quickly find answers, gather information, or get guidance on various topics without having to leave Sugar. This makes the integrations a valuable source of knowledge for your organization.


The ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM by KINAMU includes the following features:

  • AutoCompletion in Input Fields
  • Chat Dashlet using OpenAI's GPT
  • Configurable Chat History
  • Clipboard Dashlet using OpenAI's GPT
  • Mail Completion using OpenAI's GPT
  • Seperate Configuration for Chat, AutoCompletion, and Mail Completion
  • Contextualization

Subscription Plans


$9,90 User / Month
$99 User / Year

All ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM features
No OpenAI Account Required
API Key through KINAMU


Curie, Babbage, Ada


$12,90 User / Month
$129 User / Year

All ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM features
OpenAI Account Required
Own OpenAI API Key


Curie, Babbage, Ada
Davinci 3, GPT-4 (when released)
Fine-tuned Models

Professional +

$5 User / Month
$50 User / Year

Everything in Professional, plus:

Davinci 3, GPT-4 (when released)


Includes all the features of the integration and grants access to KINAMU’s API key with a fair use amount of tokens. With the Professional plan, you can enjoy all the benefits of the ChatGPT integration without needing to create your own OpenAI account or manage your own API key.

Professional +

The Professional + is an Add-On Package to the ‘Professional’ Subscription plan with which you have access to finetuning, Davinci 3 and GPT-4 when released.


With this plan, you will require your own OpenAI account with your own OpenAI API Key. This plan offers greater flexibility and control over token usage, and is ideal for businesses with larger teams or complex workflows.
In addition, you will have access to fine-tuning of models, free choice of model and GPT-4 after its release. These features are not included in the ‘Professional Plan’.

Use Cases

Meeting Module

You can use the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM by KINAMU to analyze your meeting details and execute your given prompts. For example, when writing a meeting invitation.

Prompt: record Compose an invitation to a meeting about this Topic and the discussion of the API Reference.

To transmit your prompt, simply press Ctrl + Space in the input field, and the response will replace the prompt.

Note that the model can assimilate your context and execute tasks accordingly, a functionality known as contextualization. This feature can only be utilized within the detailed view of an entry, and its activation is contingent upon the prompt commencing with one of the five predetermined keywords we have designated. The keyword used in this example is “record”.

If you do not need the model to analyze the context, you can execute the prompt without the keyword.

Knowledge Base

Utilize the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM to add entries to your knowledge base.

Prompt: Compose a detailed SugarKB article that explains the steps to change the preferred currency in a user’s profile, allowing them to view and transact in their desired currency. Consider using bullet points.

Within the Knowledge Base you can execute the prompt by clicking on the diamond icon.

Here the executed prompt:

Call Module

If a call is transcribed within the call module, the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM can easily summarize the details of the transcript for you.

Prompt: record Summarize the Internal Notes of this call.

With the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM you are able to receive quick summaries of previous calls or meetings.

E-Mail Module

You can ask the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM to execute several prompts within the E-Mail module as well. Here, we prompt the integration to create survey questions and subsequently translate the questions into German.

Prompt 1: Compose an E-Mail including a few survey questions for the user experience with our CRM System. Consider using bullet points when needed.

Within the E-Mail Module you can also click on the diamond to execute your prompt.

As you can see, not only did the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM fulfill the prompt, it also filled out the subject line accordingly.

Furthermore, you are able to translate your E-Mail into any language using the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM Clipboard.

Prompt 2: Translate the body of this E-Mail into German.

Chat Module

On your Sugar Dashboard you’ll be able to access the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM Chat, which is fully conversational and able to answer all of your questions!

One powerful features of the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM is its ability to remember previous interactions and use them to generate more personalized and accurate responses subsequently as shown in the below screenshot.

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Michael Hubl & Alexander Simon
Managing Directors KINAMU