Sugar Discover

Sugar Discover, included in Sugar Sell Premier, is an intelligent data discovery solution that analyzes all your sales and marketing metrics, recognizes both patterns and relationships in your data, and also provides insight into changes that could affect those metrics.

With Sugar Discover you can extract valuable sales performance insights from your data, identify and analyze them and thus better understand the future of your organization.

Performance and Sales Analysis from SugarCRM

Sugar Discover offers a broad toolset with preconfigured metrics and popular KPIs. This means that you neither have to set up your own analysis database nor learn complex application processes yourself.

AI Support

With the help of artificial intelligence, Sugar Discover can identify factors that affect sales performance and detect anomalies in existing patterns.

Real-time Alerting

Many sales analytics tools face the problem that there is a large time gap between the activities and the preparation of the analysis. Sugar Discover, however, monitors your sales performance metrics and provides real-time insights, which is particularly beneficial in anticipating problems and upcoming opportunities.

Knowledge gain based on History

Sugar Discover not only provides sales analytics for future prospects, but also provides analytics based on your previous sales history. This allows you to see and understand your past performance metrics, allowing you to adopt well-functioning actions for your future plans.

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Michael Hubl & Alexander Simon
Managing Directors KINAMU