Sugar Automate

Sugar Automate can be used to create visual business processes – so-called “Smart Guides” – which can be completed by users based on your Sugar data.

Each of these Smart Guides is an end-to-end process in which different phases are divided by color. Each stage contains activities such as calls, meetings, and tasks that the user can complete.

Automate enables you to design, visualize and implement interactive marketing, sales and service processes. This also helps to reduce performance fluctuations and enables you to focus on customer needs. This coupling of the customer’s perspective with internal company operations enables organizations to create extraordinary relationships — delivering more seamless, satisfying customer experiences and increasing business efficiency across the entire lifetime of their relationship with each customer.

Automate accelerates your growth by enabling shorter sales cycles, faster response times and faster problem resolution. This allows your team to focus on other activities such as helping customers in the best possible way.

Sugar Automate was also formerly known as Customer Journey.

In Sugar, a Smart Guide can be applied to any object such as contacts, leads, accounts or even custom modules. Each Smart Guide is defined as a series of stages. Each stage is built from a progression of activities.
Each activity in the Smart Guide is modeled as a native Sugar task, call or meeting. This enables companies to deliver more seamless customer experiences by showing customer-facing employees where customers are in every stage of their journey and clearly indicating their needs and expectations at any point in time.

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Michael Hubl & Alexander Simon
Managing Directors KINAMU