KINAMU Advanced Order & Invoice Management


General Features

  • Manage and track the sales cycle in SugarCRM
  • Quote → Order → Invoice → optional Dunning Letter or Credit Note
  • Convert Quotes to Orders
  • Manage Orders
  • Issue Dunning Letters / E-Mails with different Dunning Levels
  • Issue Credit Notes for cancelled/paid Orders
  • Templates for Invoices, Dunning Letters and Credit Notes (Letter/ E_Mail)
  • Issue Invoices
  • Optional:
    • Workflows
    • Reports


KINAMU Advanced Orders & Invoices gives you the possibility to manage Quotes, Orderes, Invoices and Credit Notes as a streamlined process within Sugar.

Convert an accepted Quote into an Order, add additional Orderinformation e.g.: a buyer order number/reference, contact and shipping information. See the status of the Order, billed, partially billed, cancelled.

Issue Invoices from within Sugar, after the Order is placed, track the payment and track and issue dunning letters. You can issue invoices for the whole order or partially, you decide which positions to include in the next invoice.

Credit notes can be created when an Invoice is canceled.

For the generation of invoices and credit notes you can use the SugarCRM PDF Template designer.


Quote to Order Conversion

A Quote can be converted to an Order and the resulting Order will inherit the header information and all the positions of the Quote. Once an Order is placed all the positions are locked to prevent changes.
Conversion of a Quote into an Order


All Orders are converted Quotes and can be viewed via the list view. The status helps to identify Orders that are open, partially billed or billed. Basic Filters can be used in the List View to get an overview of all Orders in the System.
List View Orders
Detail View of an Order


In the Invoice Module you can print the invoice, credit notes or dunning letters as PDFs. The PDF templates are created in the default Sugar PDF-Manager. If you need to cancel an invoice or selected positions you can create a Credit Note from the Invoice.
Detail View of an Invoice
There is also a list view for Invoices where you can filter for Paid/Unpaid Invoices and see the dunning level.

Dunning Letters

You are able to use up to 3 levels of dunning, including different dunning letter templates. The dunning level shows how many dunning letters were sent and you can always see when the dunning period ends.
List View of an Invoices & Credit Notes
Creating a Dunning Letter or Credit Note
Creating a Dunning Letter Dialog
Creating a Dunning Letter – Dunning Level 1

Credit Notes

Credit Note Detail View
List View of an Invoices & Credit Notes

Templates & PDFs

KINAMU Advanced Order & Invoice Management uses for the creation of PDFs the Sugar standard PDF Manager. This means that you can modify the templates without special skills.

Editing templates in the PDF Manager
An invoice as PDF
A dunning letter as PDF

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