Functionality of the module

This product supports the CRM relevant GDPR processes in particular:

  • Logging of GDPR relevant requests
  • Escalation if deadlines are exceeded
  • Checklist and documentation of your GDPR relevant work steps
  • GDPR Log to overview all actions taken
  • Automated anonymization of personal master data in CRM
  • automated deletion of personal activities,
    Calls, appointments, e-mails, tasks and notes in CRM with the option of archiving company master data

Note: The installation of the KINAMU GDPR module does not make you automatically GDPR compliant, as you have to demonstrably document your systems and processes with regard to personal data during implementation. We are happy to assist you in the implementation of a workshop.

Although the CRM system can be used to support all GDPR activities, it is important to understand that a CRM system is just one of the IT systems that processes personal information. A data controller must ensure that privacy is applied to all IT systems through design and standard. This means that the data controller must take appropriate technical and organizational measures. These measures must be designed to ensure effective implementation of data protection principles and to integrate all necessary guarantees into the processing in order to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation and to protect the rights of data subjects.

Supportive GDPR Workshop

Introduction to the DSGVO and its relevance for your company and the CRM area.
Furthermore, we identify the affected systems together with you and define the necessary steps and processes in order to conform to GDPR.


  1. Identification of your systems that store personal data
  2. Discussion of the existing database with regard to the GDPR
  3. Discussion of obtaining consent and documentation of lawful use
  4. Definition of the processes according to the GDPRrequirements
  5. Creation of a CRM action plan (fields, workflows, audit log)


1 Day


A documentation of the workshop agenda points. This can serve as preliminary work and as documentation of your setup for the GDPR. The developed document can also serve as a functional specification for an implementation at the same time.