KINAMU SugarCRM Starterpack

SugarCRM offers an innovative platform with which your company can manage and automate various marketing and sales processes, at the same time you can cultivate your customer relationships transparently and professionally.

With the various SugarCRM products you can increase your efficiency and your turnover as well as reduce your workload.

With the KINAMU SugarCRM starter pack you get a fully operational CRM solution (including analysis, implementation and ‘going-live’ support) for a fixed price of €19,900 with which you can handle your business processes after a period of 8 weeks. The KINAMU starter pack is available in conjunction with the SugarCRM Editions Sell and Serve (Sugar Cloud) and Sugar Enterprise (On-Premise).

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Regardless of whether the topic of CRM is new to you or you are about to switch, Sugar is an innovative platform that helps your business to keep track of and save time. In our 30-day trial you will find out why PCMag has named Sugar among the CRM offerings for Customer Experience.

I am ...

a new CRM Customer
Initial Investment/System Selection

I’m a new CRM Customer and want to make an initial investment in a CRM or I’m currently in the selection process of a new CRM.

You need help to get an overview?
You want to specify your requirements for a CRM system?
You need help creating a shortlist?
You need a TCO calculation?

KINAMU supports new CRM Customers with the System Selection:

  • Provide checklists for the introduction of a CRM
  • Creation of a requirement catalog
  • TCO calculation
  • requirements check
  • Providing a list of providers with strengths and weaknesses
  • Assistance in setting up a bidding process

an exisiting CRM Customer
Migration/CRM Change

I am an existing customer and would like to change my CRM system.

You already have a CRM in use?
Are you dissatisfied with your current CRM?
You want to identify unused potentials?
You want to automate your processes?

KINAMU supports existing CRM Customers with an offer for the preparation of a migration / change of the current CRM system and offers the following services:

  • CRM analysis (processes, modules, usability)
  • CRM analysis (software check)
  • Identify unused potentials
  • Automation of processes
  • Cost Overview Migration
  • Presentation of the benefits of SugarCRM
  • Specifications for a bidding process

KINAMU Industries Solutions - Save time and money on implementation

Our CRM appliance offers you a solution that meets your industry-specific requirements, we know that the different industries have different and very specific requirements.

We rely on our proven methods and processes to make your project successful. In doing so, we support the implementation of your CRM project during all project phases, from the definition of the requirements to the acceptance testing and supervision of the system. Our long-term customers appreciate us because of our good support beyond the project introduction, we are always available for our customers with words and deeds.

Your added value:

  • Immediately deployable out-of-the-box industry solutions
  • A single platform for all relevant customer information
  • Shorter reaction times
  • Increase sales efficiency by simply creating reports
  • Illustration of all current sales opportunities
  • Illustration of sector specific features (visit planning & reports, campaign management, offer-  order- and service- management, overview of all machines / systems installed at the customer)

Acting instead of reacting: It is important to quickly recognize market developments, act accordingly and always bear the costs in mind. Sales must therefore be able to concentrate on its core processes. Our CRM solution offers you the necessary, uniform knowledge platform in the form of a central customer database.

Every sales employee – whether in-house or field-based – has a complete overview of all customer activities, from inquiries, to orders, to service and complaint management. The system helps you to map these complex process landscapes. The data is stored in the CRM modules required for your industry: projects, products, offers, contracts, machines, services, service and service intervals, and much more.

CRM for the industry

We know what you need. 100% customer satisfaction has become the most critical success factor due to growing competitive pressure. And what is it that ultimately makes the success? Competent customer support – from the first offer to aftersales service and support.

Characteristic of the industry sector are the often long decision-making phases, a buying center, as well as high order totals.

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CRM for the service sector

What matters most in the service sector? Right, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Because only satisfied customers come back.

That is why competent customer service – from first contact,  proposal, to aftersales service – has the highest priority.

Every sales employee – whether internal or external – has a complete overview of all customer activities.

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CRM for the trading/retail sector

The more comparable a product is, the more important the service quality is for customer satisfaction and loyalty to your company.

In order to establish long-term customer relationships in the retail sector, it is important to stand out from the competition. Current trends must be recognized quickly in order to be able to act accordingly and always stay ahead of the competition.

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CRM Guides

Checklist: CRM Evaluation

Having a world-class CRM system that holds your entire company together is key to a great customer experience. If you take a closer look at different solutions, you will find important differences in terms of the features they offer.

This checklist will help you ask the right questions to narrow your choices and make the right decision.

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Guide: User Adoption

This guide should help you to convince the users of the advantages of a CRM and to facilitate the conversion and acceptance. Combine modern CRM and effective adoption and adoption strategies to ensure your software implementation lives up to expectations.

Many companies are in the process of overhauling or replacing their CRM systems or technologies. 

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Buyer’s Guide: CRM 2023

Choosing a CRM system is a big decision for any organization, whether you’re starting your first implementation, switching out point solutions, or performing a crossdepartmental replacement.

But the process doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge that keeps you up at night. Several key tenets can guide a wise decision-making process and help you rethink your age-old workflows.

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Sugar CRM Editions

Clear and predictable prices with no hidden fees or forced upgrades. All editions include modules for marketing, sales and support, activity management (calls, meetings, tasks, emails, notes, documents).


Sugar Enterprise

Cheapest Solution for larger companies

The industry’s most flexible option for highly-tailored,
on-premise CX applications

Starting at € 85

Enterprise + at € 120

Per user per month, 3 user minimum, billed annually,
Hosting:  OnSite or in Partner Cloud

Sugar Enterprise includes: 

  • Sales: Sales automation and forecasting
  • Service: Customer Service + Case Management
  • Marketing: Lead Management + Campaigns
  • Offers at the product level and forecasting
  • Sophisticated workflows
  • Role-based views and approvals
  • 100 simultaneous self-service portal users
  • 12×5 (hours / days) email and phone support

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Sugar Serve

Give customers the support they need, quickly and confidently.

Starting at € 80

Per user per month, 3 user minimum, billed annually


  • Hosted in Sugar Cloud
  • Service Functionalities
  • 2 sandbox instances
  • 60 GB storage
  • Phone support
  • 4 Support-authorized contacts

Sugar Sell

Create more meaningful experiences and build lasting relationships.

Essentials starting at 49 for 3 – 5 users

Advanced starting at € 85

Premier starting at 135

Per user per month, 3 user minimum, billed annually


  • Hosted in Sugar Cloud
  • Sales Functionalities
  • 2 sandbox instances
  • 60 GB storage
  • Phone support
  • 4 Support-authorized contacts

Sugar Market

Capture the attention of your most promising prospects.

Starting at 1.000

per month for 10K contacts, billed annually


  • Hosted in Sugar Cloud
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited emails and landing pages
  • Phone support
  • 4 Support-authorized contacts


Sugar Architecture

SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM solution on the market. Unlike traditional CRM solutions that focus primarily on management reporting, Sugar empowers the individual, coordinating the actions of customer-facing employees and equipping them with the right information at the right time to transform the customer experience. And Sugar pricing is simple and affordable, so you can deploy it to all your customer facing employees, and know what it’s going to cost. Recognized by leading industry analysts as a CRM visionary and innovator, Sugar is used by more than 1.5 million individuals in over 120 countries

The KINAMU Solutions are bases on an open source software, the SugarCRM. These applications provide your company with a 360° view of your customer and consistent documentation of all information. You manage company data, addresses, contacts and E-mail addresses. With the help of SugarCRM you record all interactions with the customer: Lead management, Phone calls, E-mails, offerings and orders. The recorded information is then used for reports and analysis supporting the future decision-making.


Sugar closes the gap between Marketing and Sales. You can, for example, create digital newsletters and campaigns via E-mails. After the campaign is closed you are able to measure its success. Using Tracking URLs, the system delivers information which customer did actually read the E-mail. Furthermore you can transfer leads directly into the system making them available for the sales team immediately.


The driving force of your company, the Sales department, manages Products, Catalogues and Offers using SugarCRM. Special conditions, benefits and closed contracts are displayed through customizable reports. The display of reports gives a comprehensive overview to the sales team and decreases the individual time needed to prepare for a customer meeting. The sales team can access the information anytime, also using mobile devices.

Service & Support

The deal does not end with signings a contract nowadays. It is important to help your customer in a timely fashion through Service & Support. With SugarCRM you are able to define the maximum time in which a customer complaint should be handled as well as monitoring if these times are complied. Some complaints are reoccurring and this is where the Knowledge Base comes in handy. The Knowledge Base collects all the data, such as Themes, Questions and aswers shortening the response time to reoccurring complaints.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

SugarCRM can be connected with software developed by other companies. For example you can synchronize your contact, meeting and tasks with Microsoft Outlook easily. Furthermore you can transfer your E-mail into SugarCRM from Outlook.

KINAMU Products

SugarCRM can be fully customized to meet the needs of your company using configuration , customizing and development. This is where KINAMU comes in. We have a number of self-developed solutions to offer. Our products come from experience and practical use and are focused on the needs of our business partners.