KINAMU SAP Connector

SAP IDoc based Synchronisation between Sugar and SAP with the KINAMU SAP Connector.
Installable in Sugar 6.5 – Sugar 13.0 and SuiteCRM 7

Advantages at a glance

  • Fast implemented
  • Bidirectional synchronization of:
    • Company data (debtors)
    • Contacts
    • Open Items
    • Sales data – SAP SIS data
  • SAP data directly in Sugar
    • Enrichment of CRM data
    • Evaluation of SAP data in Sugar
    • Automated workflows based on SAP data in CRM
  • Standard SAP to Sugar Connector
    • Built-in synchronization log for error analysis
    • Custom field mappings possible
    • Compatible with Sugar Module Builder
    • Installable in SuiteCRM and Sugar CE, PRO, ENT, ULT versions
    • Easily expandable with additional SAP modules
    • IDOC/SOAP Interface


The SAP Connector is an extension for SugarCRM and SAP which is developed and maintained by KINAMU to integrate both systems.

The SAP Connector enables bidirectional synchronization: changes in SAP ERP are automatically updated in SugarCRM or vice versa, changes in CRM can be updated in SAP. Employees in the company can thus access a complete and up-to-date database at any time, so that with the KINAMU SAP Connector you can quickly, easily and economically enter into effective customer relationship management with SugarCRM.

The SAP connector consists of a basic module, which takes care of establishing the connection, logging and the exchange of system parameters (e.g. currencies, units, delivery and payment conditions, etc.), as well as various extensions that can be installed as Add-In:

  • KINAMU SAP Connector Accounts Add-In
  • KINAMU SAP Connector Contacts Add-In
  • KINAMU SAP Connector Sales Add-In
  • KINAMU SAP Connector Open items Add-In

The KINAMU SAP connector can provide CRM users with a comprehensive overview of customer conversations, e.g. with current sales figures, reports on the purchase history or open invoices.

SAP and Sugar: optimizing business processes

The digital representation of business processes is very diverse. For example, master data, open items and VIS data are managed in the SAP ERP application. On the other hand, leads, offers, marketing campaigns and sales opportunities are in the CRM system. In order to present the operational processes clearly, one needs an interface between both solutions. Only linking those allows the complete 360 ° view on the customer (“360-degree Customer View”).


Bidirectional synchronization of customer data

The KINAMU SAP Connector synchronizes SAP ERP and Sugar CRM data in both directions, making it possible to have consistent and up-to-date data sets in all systems.


Use cases

  • You are already using SAP ERP and you want to introduce Sugar CRM in Sales and ensure that your sales employees have access to already existing relevant customer data with minimal effort.
  • Your employees should be able to get an overview of their customers’ sales and thereby be better able to respond to customers’ needs in sales.


Contacts Add-In

The Contacts Add-In automatically synchronizes the contact persons from SAP to Sugar


Sales Add-In

The Sales Add-In synchronizes a customer’s monthly product sales data into CRM. This can be used to generate reports and workflows for sales.


Open Item Add-In

With the Open Item Add-In, open items from the company can be synchronized to the key date in CRM.


Subpanel View within Accounts

The open items and sales in the subpanel of an account.


SAP SugarCRM Field Mapping


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